Young and old join together

DSC_2921_filteredAGES (African Gerontological Society) and NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) of Nigerian get together at the Rossetti Care facility in Tose, Moniya.  The meeting held by AGES was to discuss it’s work and also took the opportunity to engage younger member’s of our society in promoting the care of elderly people.

AGES Aims and Objectives are:

  • To advocate for enlightened development policies and practices for quality living for Older Persons.
  • To Promote public awareness on ageing issues and the problems of Older Persons and mobilize action at all levels for ensuring sustainable improvement in their care and security.
  • To initiate and assist organizations working with and for Older Persons in Nigeria and to develop appropriate community-based services.
  • To initiate and assist the development of research advocacy of policies and services for Older Persons.
  • To advocate education and training for personnel engaged in services to the Elderly Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers and Careers.
  • To collaborate in the other relevant International organisations.

Rossetti Care is one of many companies actively joining in with AGES to take these objectives forward.

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