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The following is synopsis of our admission procedure. For more information please telephone or email us.

1) You and your family members need to complete the assessment form with as much information as you can and email it to us at You can download the assessment form here.
2) You need to register with our Doctors who will carry out medical assessments prior to admission to the Home (fees for this are around 10,000 Naira and it is paid direct to the Hospital).
3) We will issue an invoice to be paid prior to admission.
4) Fees for the Home start from 75,000 Naira per month depending on the assessed needs. Fees are payable one year in advance.
5) The fees for the home cover accommodation, meals and 24/7 residential care only.
6) The fees do not cover doctors’/ hospital visits, medication, toiletries, continence and hygiene products.
7) Rossetti Care Manager’s number is 07068 633 627, should you wish to visit our premises, or if you need further details.
8) Your parent can stay with us for 6 months or permanently, depending on the assessed needs.
9) You are encouraged to visit your parent as often as you wish, between 10am and 4pm announced or unannounced.

Caring for elderly people in Nigeria

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