Day Care

Day care services in Moniya, Ibadan

Our elderly day care services is available to older people who need some support Chair by pillar in main houseduring the day and would benefit from having these needs met away from home. Day care offers support seven days a week providing activities and care in a friendly and stimulating environment.

Day care at Rossetti provides a relaxed and safe setting with activities that include both group and one-to-one sessions. Activities offer an enjoyable way in which to meet new people and enjoy life.

Day care is provided at Rossetti Care’s main building from 9am to 4pm.

Transport can be arranged if required.


All our staff are trained using the UK Care Standards model so you can be reassured of our quality care provision.

To apply

Admission can be arranged after a short assessment to make sure that we are best able to cater for your care needs.

See our cost of care page for latest pricing.

Contact us on 07068633627 or complete the form below to arrange an assessment or receive further information.

Caring for elderly people in Nigeria