Phase 2 development continues

Phase two of the residential care facility in Tose has taken another big step forward. The roof is now firmly installed on the phase two of the project. Watch this space to see the next step on this exciting development.

Roof now installed on new wing of residential care facility
Roof installed on phase 2 on 2 May 2013

Phase two of the care development

Building the purpose built residential units

The build process for phase two has had a few setbacks however it is now back on track. Below are some photographs showing different stages of the development for phase two. Watch this space for more updates!

View of the land for phase 2. In this picture the land has been cleared and the walls surrounding it have been erected.
This view shows the foundations with the main house, phase 1, in the distance
Another view of the foundations from the opposite direction
A view of the foundations taken from the balcony of phase 1, the main house
Care home phase two nearing completion
Phase two with the walls in place ready for the roof to be erected

Caring for elderly people in Nigeria

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