Short stay

Experience our care with a short break

Comfortable living areas to relax inShort stay or respite care can be for many reasons.

  • A break for the person being cared for – our elders love us, but they don’t necessarily want to spend all their time with us all day every day. They deserve a holiday too and will probably want to spend it with people of their own age group, people they can relate to. We can help by providing just such a break with the added security of 24 hour care and attention.
  • A break for the carer – looking after the elders we love is rewarding in itself but we all need a break from time to time. Whether you are planning a holiday, just need a break for a week or are feeling run down yourself and need time to recover, Rossetti Care is here to help.
  • Recovery from illness or operation – help is on hand to help recover and provide that extra support needed when on the mend.
  • A trial period – people often think about moving to residential care permanently but don’t want to take the risk only to find out it is not what they want. A short trial visit is an ideal way to see whether residential care is a good choice for your circumstances and tastes.

    One of the armchairs in the downstairs lounge in the main building
    One of the armchairs in the downstairs lounge in the main building

How it works

We welcome your loved one on their first day as part of the family. One of our staff will show you and your loved one around and give as much help as needed to help them settle in.

We will ask a lot of questions to help us create a personal plan of care to help us understand how they like to be cared for and this will include personal routines, likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, how they like to be helped and sleeping patterns.

We’ll also spend time getting to know your loved one and helping them to share memories and experiences to assist them in getting the most enjoyment out of their break with us.

Residents are welcome to bring their own linen and furniture if they wish. Sometimes familiar things from home can help settle in easier but it really depends on their choice.

Our aim is to provide a comfortable secure and caring environment where the person being cared for is looked after properly and their family can rest assured that their loved one is receiving the best attention at all times.

What it costs

See our cost of care page for pricing.

For further details email

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Caring for elderly people in Nigeria